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Headquarters Uvita de Osa..

Vichima Consultores S.A is pleased to announce the opening of our office in the Uvita de Osa area, Puntarenas. Starting next March 1, 2023, by our headquarters director José Pablo Salazar.

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Specialized Accounting

Today companies need more than an accountant who does tax returns. At VICHIMA CONSULTORES you will have a team of tax experts who, under the principles and standards of international accounting, will give your company the opportunity to maximize its profits, maintaining a correct tax order.

Yuri Zúñiga G. | Accounting Director

Financial Analysis & Advice

All companies are full of opportunities to maximize their financial performance and thereby improve their results. Find out from the hand of our team of professional analysts, the financial situation of your company in real time and together with our CFO discover the path to follow to multiply your results.

Yurley Castro A. | Financial Director

Large Scale Business Consultancy

With more than 26 years of experience in the market, with micro, small and medium-sized companies; Curriculum to match, we also advise companies with large scales in the national and international market.

Victor Chinchilla M. | CEO Executive Director

Diagnosis & External Audit

Evaluating an external point of view is the most appropriate business strategy to comprehensively improve the operation and results of your company. Hand in hand with our auditors, get a complete x-ray of your operation and discover the opportunities you have to trigger its growth.

Minor Chinchilla M. | External Auditor

Human Talent Management

The management of human talent consists of identifying what professional skills, attitudes and aptitudes the staff needs to gather to correctly perform each of the jobs. Human talent management comprises a series of processes that aim to attract, retain and retain those who work in a company

Noelia Jimenez C. | Human talent

Electronic billing

Every company requires the ability to issue electronic invoices, however technology can do much more for you. With our Vichima Electrónica cloud software you will be able to simplify and automate critical processes that will improve your business agility, translating into more profits.

Keylin Brenes C. | Electronic Vichima